Our Story

I am a dancer that has been taking love from UAE dance floors now wanting to give back. ❤️

We saw initiatives like this one succeed internationally and saw the benefit it brings to students, teachers, organizers, and tourists. This is like a free initiative a one stop shop for all dancer party information. The most painful thing for me was going to empty nights when I had the itch to dance and doing that sad drive home where you wanted to dance but cant. Only to find out that there was actually a beautiful magical hot night, that I did not know about because of politics and money.

Many tourists say, I have been to Dubai, but no dance Nights because they went to some Latin bar. It breaks my heart to hear that. Also many people say, I went to salsa night, didnt find out the next step so I just stopped.

All of this potential of tourists and uncaptured students who missed out on dance Nights, Fuji, other festivals, performances, traveling and dancing in different countries. Oh just a heart breaker.

Well, we have the skills to do this, so as a gift for you this initiative is born.

I have to keep my identity a secret because of the lawsuits and threats by organizers afraid to loose money and not trusting the initiative which actually if run properly boosts flows and results. Until they see those results they will relax and I can bring myself out.

Thank you all, keep coming back, spread the word. ❤️
Our Goals in Dubai

No more empty nights, lost souls, never miss out

Organizers listening to the crowd and giving them what they need!

A growing thriving world class dance community for the world to envy. A Dubai level community

To solve social issues on the dance floor and inspire each other to grow and to be higher level

To increase the number of dancers and capture tourist traffic

To make things easier for everyone, to get feedback, grow, apply, manage risk, set the right expectations.

Reward excellent organizers,artists, teachers, bars with boosted cashflows as a reward for their hard work!